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Posted by Kaynil - February 23, 2018

For the excitement of some and the massive groan of others, Hyrule Warriors is being ported yet again, this time to the Nintendo Switch.

Unlike last time, no new campaign missions or characters exclusive for the version have been announced.

Based on its trailer video, it seemed to take the 3DS version additions such as the fairies and according to Nintendo, the software will include all the previous DLC.

The only exclusive addition we know if so far is... *sighs* the Breath of the Wild skins for Link and Zelda. Look, not saying I don't like them but you gotta throw a bone for those who already paid for the game before in order to entice them to do the jump. Giving just the equivalent in other games of a 3 dollars transaction, makes it harder for people to justify spending again the full price to own another copy.

Oh, my bad. I should know better than to rant on the news. Not that it matters much since this is just a test. Still, cheers for making it this far. Also you can check Nintendo's page on Hyrule Warriors for details.

So, how do you feel about this announcement?

Posted by Kaynil - January 01, 2018

Wow, so much happened last year and yet 2017 went by so fast. As Zelda fans it was pretty eventful.

We got reprints of Zelda Mangas with some colored pages. New Zelda Merchandise and of course a brand new Zelda game that was built under the premise of breaking the franchise paradigms

I am really looking forward to this year! Thank you all on behalf of Zelda Cavern's staff!

Posted by Link - December 12, 2017
Well today I had gotten a new Elgato HD60S Capture card in the mail and I can start working on video walkthroughs and etc for the games. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Here is the first video I have made.....enjoy :p

If anyone wants to help build video content or text content send me or Kaynil a message on the forums. Thanks.

Posted by Kaynil - December 08, 2017

Those watching the Game Awards surely didn't expect the bomb that dropped today. They actually hyped the moment a bit having Aonuma appear in set, definitely cool. But we still weren't prepared for the video

Especially for what shows at minute 2:16.
What do you think?

Also, Breath of the Wild has won Game of the Year!

Posted by Kaynil - November 13, 2017

Our forum member Toxinz1181 has come to us with a petition to Nintendo that he's been trying to spread around, so I thought that it wouldn't hurt share it here.

Screenshot of the petition of Nintendo to port BotW to PC

The petition is quite simple, for Nintendo to make an official port of the game to PC. Perhaps your first reaction might be "but BotW is already available for PC... if you know where to look". However, the idea here is to convince Nintendo to do a legal port. There's no denying BotW has gotten the attention of many and we have seen already many interesting 'projects' related to it. Having Nintendo embracing the community and perhaps even bringing themselves some tools to personalise the experience would be an unprecedented bold move from the company but to see something like this it would take to see a huge demand for it, and bringing Nintendo's attention to the benefits that such a decision could bring them. Nintendo has always been keeping their IPs to the consoles, but recently we have seen them loosening up to the mobile market, so who knows? they might be more receptive now.

Click here to Read or Sign the Petition

I definitely find it a very interesting topic to discuss, regardless if you think it will benefit Nintendo's reputation or that they would damage their sales.

Discuss this in our forums!

Posted by Link - November 12, 2017

Matt, if you see this send me an email........I love you......

Posted by Kaynil - November 10, 2017

I found out from Nintendo Enthusiast blog that Grezzo posted a very interesting hiring advert. Inside it they included the line "Would you like to make a legend together? 2"

That two is no mistake. Some years ago after Ocarina of Time 3D was revealed they posted a similar hiring notice with the same invitation. As you can imagine, that legend they hinted turned out to be the remake of Majora's Mask. So today's number two is to ensure is not that same old project. I hope now it makes sense that fishing this line on their notice has sent the gaming outlets to speculate about the possible new Zelda project they could be involved into.

I actually tried to get to their website notice directly but although I found, according to google translate, "urgent hiting" page the logo with what I am assuming is the legendary question is an image so I can't rely on a tranlator directl. Still if you can see the japanese spelling for legend,, then we can pretty much assume this is it. You too can have a browse yourselves to Grezzo's website.

screenshot of Greezo's hiring notice

At this time Nintendo hasn't confirmed or denied the possibility.

What game would you like to see remade?
Do you think it'll be for the switch or the 3DS?
Do you even think it is a remake or do you think there is room to consider this could be a brand new Zelda project?

Feel free to join our forums to discuss this with us!